Firefox OS and web technology: Kanamaru Lab. in Kogakuin Univ.
Firefox OS controlling omni-wheel robot

We controlled a omni-wheel robot with 3 wheels by Firefox OS that communicates with Raspberry Pi running node.js via WebSocket.
Raspberry Pi sends the commands from the Firefox OS to arduino that controls some motors.
The application for Firefox OS is a packaged app written in HTML5 and JavaScript, so it also runs on chrome browser for android smartphone.
The on-board images are sent from IP Webcam running on an android smartphone, which works independently from Raspberry Pi.

Firfox OS for Xperia arc and Xperia ray

Firefox OS on Galaxy S3 (docomo SC-06D)

We ported Firefox OS to Galaxy S3 (docomo SC-06D, Japanese version).
We utilized codes of CyanogenMod 9 for hardware drivers.

Xperia arc
Xperia ray

Galaxy S3
Galaxy S2