Information processing with smartphones and single board computers: Kanamaru Lab. in Kogakuin Univ.
We utilize smartphones (Android, iOS, etc) and single board computers (Raspberry Pi, etc) for information processing.

Some demos are shown below.

New smart telescope controlled by tablets

A new smart telescope for settling at sightseeing spots is controlled by web browsers of tablets (Android/iOS/Windows).
We can perform changing horizontal/vertical directions, zooming in/out.

The browser communicates with Raspberry Pi on which node.js is running,
and the motors are controlled by Arduino Uno and motor drivers (L6470).

The omni-wheel robot with two web cameras controlled by Android phone

The omni-wheel robot with two web cameras is controlled by Nexus 5.
The mjpg movies from two cameras are streamed asynchronously,
and they are viewed on Nexus 5. If you use Google cardboard compatible viewer,
such as Taovisor, you can view the 3D view.
To control the omni-wheel robot, Odroid U3 and Arduino mini pro are used.

Controlling Roomba with three wide-angle cameras using web browsers

The roomba with three wide-angle cameras are controlled by web browsers.
Three wide-angle cameras are sufficient for observing all the directions around roomba.
The browser communicates with Odroid U3 on which node.js is running, and six servo motors and Roomba are controlled by Arduino MEGA.