Control via Bluetooth with android : Kanamaru Lab. in Kogakuin Univ.
Smart curtain controlled by android smartphone

A smart curtain that can be controlled by android smartphone was created.
The smartphone is connected via Bluetooth to arduino settled on the side of curtain.
We can open (or close) the curtain by touching the screen, by voice recognition, by timer, and via twitter.

A smart white cane with sensors that works with android smartphone

A smart white cane with sensors was created. This cane is connected with android smartphone via Bluetooth,
and then the smartphone receives distances to obstacles and accelerations of the cane.
Then the smartphone calculates the correlations of a distance and an acceleration, and it determines the direction of the obstacle.
The smartphone also gives warnings with sounds and vibrations.
For practical use, we also have to develop a user interface for visually impaired persons.

Controlling full-color RGB LED in Bugdroid via android smartphone

Control of robot arms with android smartphones that imitate human arms (Galaxy S and PandaBoard)

Robot arms are controlled by android smartphones (Galaxy S), that are connected to PandaBoard (ICS: Icecream Sandwich) through Bluetooth.
The target angles for motors are calculated by (offline) neural networks to which sensor values of Galaxy S are given.
PandaBoard send commands to motors through USB to serial converter.

Controlling a robot by Xperia X10

A bipedal robot is controlled by android smartphone (Xperia X10) which communicates with an android-based embedded system (armadillo500fx) with bluetooth.
Armadillo500FX sends serial commands to the robot. The image from the camera is sent to another android-based embedded system (BeagleBoard).